Friends of Lake Keowee (FOLKS) is a society of people, HOA's, businesses and corporations who care about the quality of water in one of the most beautiful lakes in the Southeast: Lake Keowee. Lake Keowee has a surface area of 17,660 acres, is 29 miles long, with 388 miles of shoreline at full pond at an elevation of 800 feet. FOLKS was established in 1993 to raise awareness of the importance of Lake Keowee and its watershed to the economic and recreational well-being of Upstate SC.


FOLKS is an organization of volunteers and members whose mission is to preserve, protect and enhance Lake Keowee and its watershed through ACE -

  • Advocacy 

  • Conservation

  • Education



FOLKS is made up of people like you -- people who care about lake Keowee and recognize the importance the lake plays in the social, economic, and recreational aspects of all our lives.


FOLKS’ volunteers work hard to find and share reliable information about issues affecting Lake Keowee and its water quality through community forums, The Sentinel newsletter and Constant Contact emails. FOLKS fosters a constructive exchange of information and cooperation between landowners, lake users, businesses, educators, scientists, governments and conservationists.


  • Lake sweeps -- Keeping Lake Keowee clean with more than 100 volunteers

  • Island Keeping -- Cleaning up the islands

  • Future Habitat Enhancement Projects (HEP)

    • 84 New Fish Attractors

    • Assemble and install 17 fishing tackle disposal containers

    • Purchase and install 75 Eastern Bluebird nesting boxes for this threatened species

    • Shoreline stabilization for a section of the Great Blue Heron rookery

  • Continuing our presence with the Lake Keowee Source Water Protection Team

  • Water Quality Monitoring -- Keeping track of algae blooms and water clarity

  • Starting and Expanding the Adopt a Stream water testing program

  • Expand awareness about septic system maintenance and voluntary shoreline buffer installation

  • Continue to promote local, state and national policies that protect lake Keowee and its watershed for effective lake management

  • Continue encouraging Oconee County to implement a Storm Water Management Program before required to do so in 2021 or 2022.

  • Continue to increase membership and awareness of FOLKS to the residents and businesses of Oconee and Pickens counties.

  • FOLKS will again be a stakeholder and contributor to the upcoming 2030 Keowee-Toxaway Relicensing


  • 25 Years of Lake Sweeps and Island Cleanups

  • Successful Past Habitat Enhancement Programs

    • Osprey Nests Building

    • 17 Fish Attractors installed

    • Riprapping Heron nesting islands

  • FOLKS was recognized by the EPA for the work done in the Cane and Little Cane Creek Watershed to improve water quality by The South Carolina Environmental Foundation and received the Honor Roll Award from the Izaac Walton League for promoting good conservation and stewardship

  • Folks was a stakeholder and contributor to the recent Keowee-Toxaway Relicensing and was instrumental in including the Source Water Protection Program; the Dock Extension Oppoirtunity; and the Habitat Enhancement Program (HEP)


FOLKS has an important working relationship with Clemson University and provides graduate student stipends and works with various departments and the Clemson Extension Service on projects.

FOLKS works closely with Duke Energy, SC Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC), SC Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS)/US Department of Agriculture. These relationships are integral to FOLKS fulfilling its mission.

FOLKS monitors environmental issues, particularly those that may impact the Upstate, and FOLKS has been instrumental in positive, new regulations and policies in Oconee and Pickens counties.


Board of Directors:

Dale Wilde, President

Mike White, Chairman
Dave Metzger, Treasurer
Sam Savoca, Secretary
John Albert

Bob Vogel

Past Officers:
Ben Turetzky, Director Emeritus

Doug Hof, President
Jack Lewis, President
Bob Swank, President

Office Administrator:
MaryJo Jeffries


Committee Chairs

Adopt-An-Island: Paul Gibbons
Building & Grounds: Ken Pankopp
Endowment: Dave Metzger
Events: MaryJo Jeffries
Grants: Dale Wilde
Lake Sweep: Scott Calderwood
Membership: Sam Savoca
Advertising: Mike White
Business Manager: Terri Graham

Website: Sam Savoca

Water Testing: Bill Miller


4065 Keowee School Rd.(Hwy. 188)

Seneca, SC 29672

(864) 882-3655


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Office Hours:

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 9am – 5pm

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